Redna Yachts Design Approach


Stylish, Fashionable, Elegant, Head-turner, Pure.…

People can derive many other adjectives like these to identify the yacht of their dreams and especially a custom yacht should be a unique product reflecting the lifestyle and the vision of its owner.  In order to realise this reflection, we offer our clients different and original ways.  And they participate in the design process to create the product which mirrors their style and their dreams.

In simple terms, a successful yacht can be created with the correct blending of aesthetically desired lines, well organised living areas and the targeted technical characteristics.  As a general principle, we don’t want neither to make concession from the style of the yacht to gain extra space nor to waive the living areas for styling reason.  Our target is to reach the perfect balance among all possible options, suitable for the tastes of the owner by making use of all our aesthetic and technical design background.

In brief we work for creating ‘fit for purpose’, functional products rather than just reflecting our aesthetic approach or imposing a ‘house style’ on the client as frequently stated especially in superyacht design circles.


At this stage which can be defined as the beginning of the work, our customers may not have a clear idea about the yacht type/concept they want to have.  Our job is to clarify the existence reason of the yacht and  work for creating a product which will meet the needs of the person who will use it.  After defining the main targets requested for the yacht, we start to build the architecture of the yacht.  While all the spaces and living areas of the yacht are defined in the course of concept design, the exterior design is also formed simultaneously with these works.  At this stage hand drawn sketches, 3D models and photorealistic/non photorealistic renderings of the yachts prepared in the computer are presented to the customer and 2D general arrangement plan options are also created in this process.

Redna Yachts Concept Design
Redna Yachts Exterior Design


We generally finish the main lines of the exterior design at the stage of concept design.   However our understanding of exterior design is not limited to drawing only the main lines of the yacht and finishing our work. Because yachts are objects which form a whole together with all kinds of equipment and details on them.  That is why regardless of the size of the project we are meticulously and in detail designing all elements affecting the exterior design of the yacht from window details to handrail details, from production drawings of the exterior furniture to exterior lightening arrangement plans…

At this stage, again hand drawn sketches and images/renderings taken from exact 3D models enable the customers to see even the tiniest detail before production.  This approach prevents the owners to live with a detail they don’t like during the lifetime of the boat.

Again as a part of the exterior design process, 2D production drawings will be submitted to the production departments during the production process apart from the presentations made for the customers.  Through these 2D detailed CAD drawings, we provide the production departments with all kinds of drawings

affecting the exterior design, from mounting details of the exterior light fixtures to the thickness of the teakwood covering on the deck.  This can also be taken as a part of the quality management system because by explaining every step they should take in details to the production departments, we prevent them to create unwanted products by using their own initiatives.  We think that this working method differentiates us from many other concept designers and exterior designers who draw only concept sketches and leave the detail solutions to the initiative of the production personnel who has no idea about the purpose of the design.


The main issues of the Naval Architecture/Engineering are such technical issues as hull design, selection of the main engine and propulsion systems, speed-range predictions, stability calculations etc…  Many of such main topics actually are a mix and a common point of the architecture and engineering so they affect the architecture and technical characteristics of the yacht and accordingly its concept.  That is why it is known that there is strong engineering and technical background under many concepts managed to be distinctive.

In REDNA we perform the abovementioned studies because we believe this is the only way of creating hassle-free and innovative concepts.

Redna Yachts Naval Architecture



MED 22m

FL75 23m

EXP30 30m

EXP-C 32m


NADA 50m