New Build

The idea of building a custom yacht usually comes out not as an instant decision in many customers, but as a decision that occurs after having experienced various boats over the years. Like every other product, the yacht is consisting of compromises and the architecture of each boat has its own advantages and disadvantages. After years of experience, some boat owners seek out a boat that will minimize these compromises and meet their wishes perfectly. We help our customers in this regard and manage the process in the following order.

Redna Yachts New Build Design


Our main duty in the custom design process is to determine the intended use of the yacht with the owner and to reveal the product that will reflect the life style of the person who will use it and will meet his/her needs more than enough. In line with this goal, we begin to build the architecture of the vessel after determining the desired main objectives. You can read the details of the design process in more detail in the design section of our website.


Although our team has international experience, since our office is located in Turkey, we are mainly preferred by the customers who intend to build yachts in Turkey. If you intend to build your project in Turkey, you can consider the sector under two main headings. We can split it into a few megayacht shipyards dominating the industry over 500 GT and various shipyards building yachts under 500 GT. In a project over 500 GT, we provide services on finding the appropriate megayacht builder, arranging contracts with the shipyard, preparing technical specifications. When selecting these shipyards, we also provide our customers with information on the quality of the boats they produced in the past and their current financial situation. On the other hand, in projects below 500 GT, although there are corporate shipyards, many customers are starting production by renting a shed/hangar themselves. In this case, the tasks and responsibilities of the project management team that you assign to your project are further increased. In such projects, we take over the management of the whole process from start to finish.

Redna Yachts New Build Shipyard Selection
Redna Yachts New Build Construction Management


Regardless of the length of the boat, our commitment to customers is to carry out the project with the most experienced subcontractors and to choose the highest quality equipment for your boat. We believe that this is the only way to position our brand in relation to top quality projects.

In addition to managing subcontractors, our team will prepare a work schedule and provide you with weekly reports and ongoing information about the progress of the project. When preparing the necessary ‘change order’ forms for extra works, we will be careful not to exceed your initially set budget. On the other hand, we will ensure that the project is finished in high quality and timely manner.


The delivery phase is also usually one of the busiest times of the construction process and you need to ensure that all subcontractors complete their work in superior quality and that all systems on the boat are running smoothly. We assist you in all technical matters and paperwork in the process of completing the sea trials smoothly and delivering the boat to you.

Redna Yachts New Build Sea Trials and Delivery